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Flameshot is a screenshot tool for linux. It is an open sources tool. Flameshot offers all the crucial features that user would ever need on a screenshot tool. User can choose to add an arrow mark, add a text, blur a section, highlight a text, draw, add a rectangular, add circular shaped border, add a solid color box, and also add a counter number. Some features of flameshot, Customizable appearance. Easy to use. In-app screenshot edition.

DBus interface. Upload to Imgur. Besides all the useful features, it also gives ability to the user to customize the UI and filename when user save a screenshot and some other common options as well. In flameshot a convenient way for the user to use flameshot via keyboard shortcuts as many of its options are accessible in this way. Many users want to simply upload their screenshots directly to the cloud in order to share it with others easily In the Flameshot lets allow user to upload picture directly to Imgur with just a single click, And then user can share the URL. Important thing these uploads will be not related with user Imgur account, and will be only accessible to the ones with the link.






Space requirement

2 MB


sudo apt-get install flameshot


sudo apt-get install flameshot

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