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How to use Fans?

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Download the script

To use your fans in Raspberry Pi, you need a script, if you use Argon One Raspberry Pi. Please download the script.

1) Download the tool.

curl | bash

2) Argon One Configuration Tool

3) Argon One Uninstall tool

Run configuration tool

After download the script, you will see a configuration tool on your Desktop. To run it, please follow instructions.

1) Double click to Argon One Configuration Tool

2) Click Execute in Terminal

1) Press Y to continue

2) Press 1 to run fans always.

Your fan will be always on and it increases the power consumption.

Adjust to Temperature

You can set your fan speed according to your CPU temperature. Run Argon One Configuration Tool.

1) Press Y to continue,

2) Press 2 to adjust to temperature.

3) Set fan speed for 55C

4) Set fan speed for 60C

5) Set fan speed for 65C

Custom Settings

You can set specific fan speed for your specific temperature. Run Argon One Configuration Tool.

1) Press Y to continue

2) Press 3 to type your value

3) Enter degree and fan speed. (Temperature: 50, Fan speed: 50)

4) Enter degree and fan speed(Temperature: 60, Fan speed: 75), then click enter to exit

Please see also articles in the RASP Library

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