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find command

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find command searches a file in any directories. A file can be found easly in a large system.

1) To find a folder in the current directory, run below command.

find . name Abiola

. (point) means current directory.

2) It returns the result of searching

3) To find a folder in the current directory with case sensitive, run below command.

find . -iname aBIolA

You must use i parameter before name parameter

4) It finds case sensitive

5) To find a folder that contains a specific keyword, run below command.

find -name *result*

You must write your keyword between * * characters

6) It finds all files that contains “result” keyword in their name.

7) To find a files in a specific directory, case sensitive with a keyword, run below command.

find /home/pi/Pictures/ iname/ *abiola*

You must give a directory path.

8) Here is the results.

This article is a component of the “Linux Introduction” course from the ABIOLA online Academy.

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