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SD Card Copier

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SD Card Copier is an application that is used to copy Raspbian from one card to another and users also use this application to back-up the existing Raspbain. This application is very simple to use. User get a clone current installation on the new SD card with this application. It makes new SD card to original one with all user’s data and also application intact.
This application does not restrict user to only copying to a card with same size as the source, User can copy to a large card or small card (as long as it has enough space to store files).
User can put a blank SD card in USB card writer and plug it into Pi, and then launch SD Card Copier application. Users can easily migrate their Raspbian install to a new SD card.





Space requirement

2 MB


sudo apt-get install piclone


sudo apt-get remove piclone

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You have limited space on your SD card so you cannot install all programs from the RASP library.

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